It is my theory that the Lynchburg, Virginia area has more photographers per capita than any other region in the nation. It’s amazing that our community is infused with so much talent. One of the newest photographers to hit the local scene is our client and friend Emily Shea of Destiny Captured Photography. We recently unveiled her new visual identity and are pleased to share with you the vision for her business:

“Destiny Captured is a photography business run by photographer Emily Anne Shea. While Emily covers a wide variety of photography types and needs including newborn, engagement, and senior portraits, her dream is to use her business to accomplish more than just beautiful photos.

Destiny Captured was founded with the desire to help individuals (young women especially) come to a realization of who they were created to be and that their dreams and ambitions are valid and of great importance! Through the art of photography, Emily wants to help abused and broken women and girls discover who they are as an individual and empower them to chase after their dreams. If you want more information on what Destiny Captured is all about, or want to become a part of making dreams a reality, feel free to contact Destiny Captured at”

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