When we moved to the Lynchburg area in 2007 one of the first websites I designed was for our new friends at Mountain Run Farm – a sustainably-minded family farm raising grassfed beef and pastured pork through holistic management. That website was an old-fashioned straight HTML website with an added on WordPress blog. I was just getting into WordPress and if I remember correctly it was one of the first installations I had worked on.

Today of course alot has changed. I have gone deep in the world of WordPress and believe now more than ever in it’s ability to provide the most powerful digital publishing platform the Web has ever scene. I have come full circle with Mountain Run Farm- redesigning their website fully on the WordPress platform and integrating their main website with their blog. I also provided some custom SEO work that would allow for old page addresses to redirect to new pagesĀ  – allowing for them to continue benefiting from the organic SEO they’ve earned over the years. This project gives our friends at Mountain Run an updated design which also is mobile and tablet friendly but also will allow them to expand the site and make edits themselves as time goes on.

Check it out:

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