We highly value local community, local culture and the local food movement. We are the organizing force and marketing engine behind the community-based project Land and Table and are in constant conversation with farmers, market growers and restaurant owners who value integrity, sustainability (ecological, social and economic), and artisanal quality that cannot be mass produced.

As you can imagine, we were thrilled to help brand a new event being put on by the local non-profit arts organization Bower Center for the Arts, called Bedford’s Finest Fare. We were so taken by the idea that we joined their planning team and even helped sponsor the event. Take a look at what we designed for their visual identity and other promotional marketing collateral – with a strong nod to Grant Wood’s classic.

Bedford's Finest Fare

Bedford’s Finest Fare


Bedford's Finest Fare promotional flyer

Bedford’s Finest Fare promotional flyer


Bedford's Finest Fare Facebook header graphic

Bedford’s Finest Fare Facebook header graphic


Bedford's Finest Fare - t-shirt concept (vector art)

Bedford’s Finest Fare – t-shirt concept (vector art)


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