I do alot of graphic design, website development, social media setup, and logo/visual identity design for clients. But one of the things I love to do and want to do more of is illustrations. I work mostly in a digital environment but with the use of a pen mouse in Adobe Illustrator and the power of layers in Photoshop my end goal is always to produce something that invokes the natural world with texture, interest and imagination using the technique of collage.

I often use images from my public domain library to create my illustrations but because I have such a deep background in hand drawing and even cartooning, for a client project I was working on, I decided to create some prototype illustrations that incorporated both the hand drawn cartoons as well as the layered collage technique. There are many styles that I can produce but one thing is for sure – texture and that organic feel are critical components of my art. The illustration below is called ‘Autumn Beard’.


Illustration protype for client project

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