Phone Axiom: express device repair

Phone Axiom: express device repair

I recently had the privilege of spending some time with my brilliant friend Mark Pauley at his business in Forest, Virginia – PhoneAxiom. With a beginning focus on offering an array of marketing services he also now provides smart phone and tablet repairs (iPhone, iPad, Android) – and is even starting to move into laptop repairs as well – which is why I went to see him.

I took my massive work laptop to Mark with some major screen issues. While most of his repair work focuses on smart phones and tablets – he took my screen apart like it was familiar territory and quickly singled out the most likely culprit for the issues I was having. Even though this was only an initial diagnostic, I was so impressed with Mark’s service that I just wanted to take a minute and recommend PhoneAxiom to anyone in the local Lynchburg area (or beyond) who needs reliable and fast device repair. Check out PhoneAxiom


Update: I just recently went back to Phone Axiom and they fully resolved my screen issues that have been going on for many months by replacing a critical connecting wire. To do this they had to take the entire laptop apart and put it back together again – which is no easy task. I am so grateful for their expertise at Phone Axiom that I will continue to highly recommend them to anyone in the Lynchburg area who needs a device repair!

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