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We have been big fans for some time of the local ‘small plates’ restaurant in downtown Lynchburg called Dish. So when owner Melanie Chalmers Ellis connected us with the proprietor next door to them, Nick Cash, of the soon-to-launch Kegney Brothers Irish Pub and Restaurant – we knew there was something special we wanted to be a part of.

With a family history in downtown Lynchburg, Kegney Brothers is a unique blend of Irish pub and restaurant that is suitable for everything from date nights, to business dining and family outings. Now open to the public in the spirit of the original ‘public houses’ of yesteryear, we also recently launched the Kegney Brothers website. Our challenge was to present Kegney Brothers as rooted in tradition yet thoroughly modern – with a responsive website and customized details that lined up with the clients particular needs – including event calendar, menu and gallery. We also connected the website to Google for SEO purposes through a local listing, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and other Google products.

We are proud to support local, small businesses as they work hard to spread the word about the good work they are doing to bring their services and wares to the community.

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