Central Virginia Academy for Nonprofit Excellence

CVANE of Lynchburg

It’s been some time since I’ve updated the blog but I wanted to give a quick update on a recent client website project just launched. The Central Virginia Academy for Nonprofit Excellence (also known as CVANE) is focused on equipping non-profit professionals and volunteers with the skills they need to effectively manage their organization and carry out their mission.  In their own words:

“…[We exist] to improve the quality, integrity and efficiency of Central Virginia’s charitable organization network through the education of board members, staff and volunteers. By strengthening, educating and engaging non-profits, CVANE seeks to help improve the quality of life in Central Virginia through improved program operations, increased resources for families and individuals, and greater impact of charitable donations. CVANE’s geographic focus is Region 2000, consisting of Lynchburg City, Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford and Campbell Counties, although classes and workshops will be available to all who are interested.”

CVANE approached me with the need for a new website. As tempting as it is to use do-it-yourself website builders that many web hosts offer, their infrastructure severely lacks the capacity to provide a great content management experience – and the results are often less than professional. CVANE was struggling with that exact situation but knew it was time to upgrade. They had created a static website and a separate mobile website but it was not visually representing their main branding concept of excellence.

Encouraging them to branch out into a new web-hosting setup to accommodate the new website, I built a WordPress based website with which they can manage all their content and eliminated the need for a separate mobile website with a fully responsive experience that will adjust to various device sizes. All their content was ported over and reformatted for a more professional layout. No longer just static pages, the new website was now fully database driven, and included an integrated blog, custom home page and much more.

One of the unique features of the website was CVANE’s need for event promotion and registration – as well as the ability to collect registration fees online. After looking into numerous event management and registration plugins the best and final solution proved to be the third-party service Wufoo with it’s seamless registration embedded right on the website and if needed in the future, a potentially seamless payment experience on the website as well. Some key color and design cues were borrowed and dramatically enhanced from the old website with an updated version of the branding to create a simple visual continuum from the old to the new.

I hope you’all check out CVANE’s new website and consider maybe taking a class or two. Tell them Wisely Woven sent you!



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