As a marketing communications professional who helps values-driven small businesses and organizations communicate well, I am always excited to help my clients over the long term. I have some clients, like our friends Ian and Carolyn Reilly of Four Corners Farm, who contact us right at the beginning as their business is getting off the ground. Since designing their visual identity/farm branding several years ago, I have since had the privilege of doing various marketing and promotional projects for them – including a T-shirt, business card, packaging design, and more.

Ian Reilly is a farmer at heart and is dual-skilled also with a background in IT. Being a technology guy, he has had no problem creating an managing their farm website. But recently they started a new recycling business so they have been busier than ever. They have done a stellar job of marketing their sustainably-raised meats in Franklin County, Virginia and the surrounding area over the years, but were ready to bring their online presence to the next level.

Starting with their new business, Four Corners Recycling, I took their existing WordPress-based website and did a total redesign – clean and simple. They needed to clearly communicate what their business was all about so they could attract new clientele. Their farm email newsletter was next – with a complete redesign and visual overhaul. Using MailChimp as their preferred method of sending out email campaigns, they wanted something that would correlate to the new website which I was about to redesign. The Four Corners Farm website was the final piece to complete the communications update. It had years of content and lot’s of information, but was ready for an overhaul and a new design that was more consistent with the branding that I had designed for them at the start of their business when I first met them. Both websites are now launched, and are ready to help them move forward in this next phase of their work.

If you have never connected with them – check out Four Corners Farm and Four Corners Recycling!

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