As a small business owner or leader of a non-profit it can be challenging to take time to consistently use available social media platforms – just at a basic level. It’s even harder to master them – especially when they are always changing! The latest case in point would be Facebook’s most recent update to their Pages. It’s easy to fall behind with everything constantly changing. Check out the recent Entrepreneur Magazine article that gives some concrete advice – and if you need help digging in further, help is not far away. Here is an excerpt from the article below:

“Recent changes to Facebook page layouts caused some companies with a decent presence to stretch their heads. The new look “scrambled” the pieces we were so used to, such as tabs and apps. While the changes are skin-deep, you have to take a fresh look at your page and make sure that the new layout complements, not destroys your Facebook footprint. So, what can you do to improve your chances of making the right moves on Facebook?” – Read the whole article >

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