This is not a picture of the Wisely Woven office – but we’re still open for business!

I tell my clients all the time – you can’t just do the good work that you are doing – you have to talk about it. There are many small businesses and non-profit organizations out there that are doing great work – but very few people know about it. Why? Because our websites haven’t been updated in months, the last post on our blogs are from months ago and our social media channels are disengaging and only sporadically updated. I am guilty myself so I am preaching to the choir. Which is especially shameful because I help people with marketing communications. I know better.

The reality is – you and I are doing great work. But we also have to talk about it. We need to open a window to give glimpses of our ongoing story. This kind of storytelling through web and print marketing doesn’t have to be contrived or sales-pitchy. If there is passion behind what you do – there is a story. And clearly communicating that passion to people who want what you have is part of the game we call ‘building trust’ – which is the foundation of all relationships – especially in the marketplace.

So – this is kind of a long-winded apology. My portfolio isn’t anywhere near complete and the blog has been sadly silent for many long months. Not that most of you care – because nothing said here is life altering – but it’s easy to assume that when the blog is quiet and the social media channels are stale – that maybe the business is no longer in business. But consider this as a blogging revival of sorts – indeed there is much going on behind the scenes and I have only just begun to talk about it.

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