There are many unsung ‘Lynchburg Area Young Creatives’ in our area – young creatives, that we recommend and who are doing outstanding work but may not be well known.

Today I wanted to introduce the work of Rhiannon England and her business Rhiannon Kathleen Studios – specializing in wedding and portrait photography.

We have had the privilege of knowing Rhiannon England and her family for a number of years. Rhiannon’s mom Jennifer is one the Lynchburg area’s most talented cake artists – seriously mind-blowing artistry – so it is natural that Rhiannon gravitated towards the wedding industry in her photography work. I asked Rhiannon a few questions about her photography business and what makes her work unique:

Wisely Woven: How did you get started in photography?

Rhiannon: I was first introduced to photography oddly, enough by, working with my mother, Jennifer, as a custom wedding cake designer. Through my work with her I was exposed to a lot of the Lynchburg areas top wedding photographers and was immediately intrigued by the art. I got my first DSLR for my fifteenth birthday and started snapping away! Some of my moms friends from the wedding industry saw my work and were gracious enough to feed into my talent and help me if I had any questions. By seventeen I was second shooting weddings almost every weekend 🙂

Wisely Woven: Do you have a niche? What kind of work do you like to focus on as a photographer?

Rhiannon: My biggest focus is on weddings. They generate the most raw emotion and make for some of the most memorable images you can capture. I love living out the biggest day of my clients lives with them, hearing their love stories and seeing their families come to together to celebrate.

Wisely Woven: What is your favorite part of your work as a photographer?

Rhiannon: Capturing memories. The final interaction between a father and a daughter before he gives her away. A loving glance given by a groom to his bride when she isn’t looking. A mothers tender love for her newborn child. The goofy grin of a two year old who will grow up in the blink of an eye. These are the gifts that I can give to my clients and I am honored to have that privilege.

Wisely Woven: Because of shifts in technology (high resolution smart phones with cameras, affordable digital cameras etc.) it seems like we’ve all taken on the role of photographer. How do you set yourself apart from hobby photographers and even other professionals?

Rhiannon: Everyone thinks they are a photographer. EVERYONE. It can become a little overwhelming. You can always tell when someone truly has that eye for it thoug. It translates into their work. I believe that my work shows my passion and the time and the effort I have put into my craft.

Given that I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with so many of the areas top photographers, I think that has given me the ability to adapt to whatever environment I’m in. Switching between the different styles and tastes of my mentors has made me quick on my feet and helped me develop my own unique style.

Wisely Woven: What are your goals and aspirations as a photographer?

Rhiannon: My goals are fairly simple. Love my clients well through my work and provide the best product possible. I wish to be known not only for my work alone, but for my character and dedication as well 🙂

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