I have never been good at keeping a regular practice of blogging. And it seems the tyranny of the urgent never includes keeping this website updated. My goal this year is to reformat the website to more clearly represent the totality of my creative work – which goes beyond graphic design and marketing communications. My design and marketing consulting work has shifted to ongoing clients and so I can no longer as easily take on one time clients. That being said – I have never fully represented even my graphic design work here – which I hope to do, even though I am not currently fishing for new projects to take on.

Alot has been going on behind the scenes – I am working on developing the six-year-old Land and Table project by growing the grassroots network and adding a for-profit social impact business. Out of that I hope to produce a regional local food guide, and other resources for both local food lovers and farmers/growers. I also hope to focus on DIYers and homesteaders / wannabe homesteaders with ongoing workshops related to farming, gardening, and cooking. The biggest challenge is overcoming fear – and just taking each small step to make this a reality. I’m also trying to wrap my mind around how to fund it.

I have been helping part-time at an innovative start-up called Blue Ridge Overland Gear and it’s sister company Blue Ridge Lamb and Wool – which has been alot of fun. And I have been helping with a company focused on helping churches throughout the U.S. improve their marketing communications. Speaking of church – locally I am an elder of a new kind of church community that is still in startup phase. All this, plus my wife and I are raising seven kids – busier days indeed.

This is only a small glimpse into all that is going on these days – maybe I’ll unpack more in future blog posts. Alot of things are in flux, and balls are in the air. I have a feeling that this is going to be a year of more focus and clarity. If you need graphic design help or a new website my prices are going way up – in hopes that I can focus more on doing a few things well – instead of too many things not well.

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